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                2021 group company business planning and budget preparation kick off meeting held
                Release time:2020-11-10 Browse times:280

                In order to do a better job in 2021 business planning and budget preparation, the group company organized and held the 2021 annual budget kick-off meeting in the training hall on the second floor of digital technology on the afternoon of November 6. Senior executives, heads of modules, branches and departments attended the meeting.

                At the meeting, Feng Yefeng, vice president of finance, reviewed the budget implementation from January to October in 2020 and specifically explained the ideas and contents of the company's comprehensive budget preparation in 2021.Wang Junping, general manager of the group company, made a mobilization speech on optimizing operation management and improving operation quality, and put forward new requirements for the operation and management measures in 2021.

                This meeting indicates that 2021 annual group budget work will be fully opened.

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