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                CPC Guangbo Group construction and development company branch committee established
                Release time:2020-11-03 Browse times:358

                On November 3, the founding ceremony of the branch committee of the construction and development company of Guangbo Group was held in the Party member meeting room on the ninth floor of the administrative center.Shu Yueping, deputy secretary of the CPC Guangbo Group, Jin Da, member of the Party committee, Wang Jiangjun, secretary of the Party branch of the administrative center, Fang Weihui, director of the party office, and all members of the branch committee of the construction and development company attended the meeting.

                At the meeting, several leaders, as Party members' predecessors, spoke separately, hoping that young Party members and cadres should have a new style, appearance and achievements, and that they should bravely stand in the tide, prove themselves and reap growth.

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